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 Conservative Portfolio

The Conservative Portfolio comprises approximately 45-40% equity sector ETFs with the remainder invested in bond sector ETFs, precious metals, real estate, and cash. This composition varies over time, according to the expectations of the portfolio managers, and is recommended for those investors who, although not feeling completely comfortable with the volatility of the stock markets, have some tolerance for risk and volatility. Therefore, despite its name, the Conservative Portfolio is not entirely exempt from fluctuations in the financial markets. This can lead to negative returns during certain periods of time, as seen in the corresponding performance graphs.

The Conservative Portfolio is predominantly invested (approx. 66%) in financial instruments that reflect North American issuers. The rest of the portfolio is invested in Asia, Israel, and Europe. 

The graphs and tables in the link below represent the composition and historical performance of this portfolio are indicative only and should not be considered as faithfully representing the Investment Portfolios of real investors in the Conservative Portfolio.

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