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Ayudamos a latinoamericanos a invertir en la bolsa de valores

Grow your savings intelligently

Positively valued by our clients inTrustPilot.

We help you invest in the Stock Market in a simple way

We are a firm registered with the State of Florida in the United States and operate under the supervision of the state's Office of Financial Regulation, subject to applicable state and federal reporting and supervision requirements.

Riccio & Associates LLC was founded in 2015 by Giampiero Riccio, who has more than 30 years of experience in different positions in the investment industry in various countries and holds the professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 1997.


Investment Portfolios

We offer you four Investment Portfolios, which you can choose depending on your needs and expectations.

Our investment portfolios are conformed by Exchange Traded Funds. These are traded daily on international stock markets and are characterized by being highly liquid and with low transaction and administration costs. We offer support to open your brokerage and custody account at Interactive Brokers, one of the most recognized stockbrokers based in the United States.


"From the first moment they have been very attentive, they took me from the creation of the account to understanding what my money is invested in. I feel sure that my investments are paying off and that I can keep an eye on them 24/7. I started with little capital and the confidence that they have inspired me, has already made me invest a significant capital of my savings. 100% recommended to all those who want to invest their money intelligently and safely."

"My experience with Riccio has been very good, he explained everything to me clearly and he was always willing to explain any doubt and immediately. When it comes to money, the fear is always looking for someone you can trust, with knowledge about what he speaks and above all sincere, this is what Riccio offers you."

"I am very satisfied that I made the decision to start investing with the support and management of Giampiero. I started with little capital, it is always a bit scary if we are not familiar with it, but in the few months that I have, I have seen how it has My portfolio has been growing, which has given me more security and confidence that it is in good hands and I have been giving more contributions to be able to grow my money over time in an intelligent way and not stagnant in a bank."

Benefits of investing with us

Low barrier to entry

The minimum amount to open an account is US$5,000.

Low costs

Due to the use of investment portfolios that require a low level of brokerage activity and low administration fees, the savings in the service translate into higher returns for the client. The handling cost is between 1.25% and 0.75% per year applied to the value of the account.

Transparency and flexibility

Online access to balances and positions. The assets are held by Interactive Brokers® on behalf of the client. You can terminate the investment portfolio management service at any time and keep the assets, being able to pass them on to another manager.

Supervision and guarantees

So muchInteractive Brokers® as Riccio & Associates LLC are supervised and regulated entities in the United States. ​Client's assets are guaranteed up to $500,000 perSIPC.


​​Clients own the instruments acquired in their investment portfolio regardless of whether they maintain a current relationship with Riccio & Associates LLC. The instruments that make up the investment portfolios are very liquid and can be sold at any time, if necessary, without detriment to the price, under usual conditions.

professional management

Investment portfolios or portfolios are managed by managers with long experience and professional training.

Achieving the dream of owning your own home can now be a reality.

Enjoy the most important thing with the income generated by your savings.

Plan the optimal and quality education you want for your children.

Preguntas frecuentes

  • How much does the Investment Portfolio management service cost?
    The cost of maintaining the Brokerage Account with Interactive Brokers is very small. The cost for purchase and sale transactions is usually close to 0.1% per year. The Portfolio Management service will be charged monthly as a percentage of the market value of the portfolio, at the end of the month: • 1.25% per year for the portion of the portfolio which is below $50 thousand • 1.15% per year for the portion of the portfolio between $50 thousand and $100 thousand • 1.00% annually for the portion of the portfolio between $100,000 and $500,000 • 0.75% per year for the portion of the portfolio above $500 thousand
  • What has been the profitability of the Investment Portfolios since its creation?
    You can find the performance of each Portofolio here. On the long run, the portfolios have always performed better than the standard bank saving account yield.
  • Can I have an Investment Account jointly with my partner or another person?
    Yes, the account can be individual or jointly with any other person of legal age.
  • Who will manage my investments?
    RICCIO & Associates LLC, is an Investment Advisory firm registered and supervised by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, in the United States You can consult the references of our company at
  • How will I know what is happening with my investments?
    You can go online to the InteractiveBrokers website with your username and password and see the status of your portfolio, as well as all movements and transactions, as well as reports tailored to your needs InteractiveBrokers will email you a monthly statement of your Brokerage and Custody account You can directly make any specific query by writing to
  • Can I dispense with the service, if I wish, without consequences?
    Simply by contacting Interactive Brokers through the Client Portal, you can cancel the mandate for your investments to be managed by Riccio&Associates LLC, at any time. From that moment, your investments can be managed by any other adviser of your choice, without any effect or cost or you. You can also manage your own account by yourself. Your brokerage and custody account with Interactive Brokers remains active and you can continue to use it as you wish.
  • What support do I receive from Riccio & Associates to open my brokerage and custody account with Interactive Brokers?
    Once you contact us and indicate your desire to open your brokerage and custody account, we will ask Interactive Brokers to send you an email with the account opening request. When you receive that request, you only have to fill out the forms that are presented on your computer. We will be available through our communication channels to guide you in this task and clarify any doubts. Once you have finished filling out the requested information, you must upload in the same application the documents in .pdf format that prove your identity and address. If there are no delays for any reason, Interactive Brokers will open your account within a week or so and notify us. We will be watching throughout this process to keep you informed.
  • What is needed to open a Brokerage and Portfolio Management Account?
    You need to have a bank account, from where you will make the transfer denominated in US dollars to open your Brokerage and Custody account at Interactive Brokers. Additionally, you must fill out the application to Interactive Brokers to open the Brokerage and Custody account, for which you will need to provide: • Copies of identity documents (passport, identity card) • Proof of address (usually utility bills in your name) • Accept the terms of the Portfolio Management Agreement • All required documentation can be sent in .pdf format
  • How do I do if I need to withdraw money from my investment account?
    First, you must contact and indicate how much money you need to make it available in your brokerage and custody account. Upon receiving this request, Riccio&Associates will immediately proceed to sell all or part of your investment portfolio, as needed. Immediately after this operation is carried out, you will be notified by Interactive Brokers that it has been carried out and you can yourself, by entering the Interactive Brokers Client Portal, request that the money be transferred to your bank account you have registered as associated with your brokerage account. All of these steps usually occur in no more than three business days.
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