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Why we use

Riccio & Associates LLC works exclusively for all of its client accounts with Interactive Brokers LLC, a large international brokerage firm. We believe that this company offers an excellent service and is very safe.

  • Security for all accounts

  • Risk rating "BBB+" from the Standard and Poor's agency. Qualification  of the prestigious Barron's magazine as the "Best On-line Broker of the year

  • In  the business since 1978; has net capital in excess of the required $4.6 bn

  • Member of the New York Stock Exchange and supervised by various US regulatory entities

  • Low or null costs per trade

  • Distributes its assets among the six  largest and safest banks

  • SIPC insurance up to $500,000 for each individual account and an additional $100,000 on the cash portion of each account and the broker has additional insurance of $150,000,000 through Lloyd's of London

  • All client cash is held in US Treasury bills or other secure non-money market accounts; does not hold mortgages, sub-par debt, credit default swaps, or collateralized debt

  • Each client's money is kept in their own personal account and is never mixed with that of other clients. No one can touch your money except you. Riccio & Associates LLC is the only one that can manage (invest) your account. Riccio & Associates LLC does not receive any kind of compensation or discount from Interactive Brokers in exchange for using their services.  We use them because we believe that they are the safest and best alternative for the client


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